At Abel Company we are freedom loving patriots, shooters, firearm enthusiasts, lovers of anything outdoors and passionate about raising the next generation of Americans to love and cherish our freedoms. We are not just manufacturers, we are the end users. We NEED our gear to be reliable, durable and effective. We love our country and its citizens; we want to create and offer quality products that can support our nation and our fellow Americans. Regardless of what people may say, we still believe that the USA is the best country  on the planet.


Our founders live in the world of manufacturing and fabrication, and have so since birth. Taking their knowledge, cultivated through many years in the Aerospace & Defense and Commercial Steelwork industries, and pairing it with their passions - Abel Company was born. Abel Co. was created to facilitate change and to provide resources for change. In a world where people sit idly by, we here at Abel Company are striving to be the difference that our world desperately needs. It is our hope that our customers can find Abel to be a resource for reliable products and knowledge that can inspire action and change.


We aren't standing idly by - we are moving forward. We Are Abel.


At Abel Company we strive to inspire and facilitate action in the lives of individuals. Simply “existing” should not be an option; being present in the moment, driven to change, spurred on by the unknown and stepping up to challenges should characterize someone of action. Our goal is to inspire people to take action, provide people with the tools and resources to follow through with decisions to act, and continually encourage people to keep taking action and avoid a stagnate life. Within the right context, life is beautiful and should be taken in its fullness. It is our hope that Abel Co. will be a stronghold against the mundane and idleness.


We want to raise and support a generation that does not sit back and let life pass them by, but, instead, will use their tools (be it knowledge, skills/crafts, discipline, etc.) to act on their convictions, value freedom and facilitate change.